Michael Wakeling
BBus, CA

Chartered Accountant. Michael retains an active interest in Rugby Union having served as the director of finance on the Southern Inland Rugby Union Board and its predecessor Riverina Rugby Union for six years during the amalgamation of Riverina and South West Slopes zones and the introduction of the GST. Michael is active in a coaching capacity, currently coaching Junior teams in Wagga Junior Rugby, Rivcoll Rugby Club and the Southern Inland Rugby representative program. He also plays in the senior grades for RivColl Rugby Club and is a referee where he is occasionally called upon to referee games when time permits.

Michael has a rural background having worked on his parents farm at Collingullie and worked as a shearer in the Lockhart area for ten years before commencing a career in accounting. His parents retain a small farm at Collingullie where he is called upon to do just enough shearing and hay carting to remember what it is all about.

Contact Email: mwakeling@akw.com.au