Key Dates - April 2014

Date Category Description
21 Apr 2014  Activity statements  Final date to lodge and pay March 2014 monthly activity statements.
21 Apr 2014  Activity statements 

Final date to lodge and pay Quarter 3 (January - March 2014) PAYG instalment activity statement for head companies of consolidated groups.

28 Apr 2014  Activity statements  Final date to lodge and pay Quarter 3 (January - March 2014) activity statements.
28 Apr 2014  PAYG instalments  Final date to pay Quarter 3 (January - March 2014) instalment notices (forms R, S or T). Final date to lodge, if varying the instalment amount.
28 Apr 2014  Superannuation  Last day for superannuation guarantee contributions to be made to a superannuation provider for quarter 3, 2013-13 (1 January - 31 March).
If an employer does not make the minimum superannuation guarantee contributions for quarter 3 by this date, they must pay the SGC and lodge a Superannuation guarantee charge statement - quarterly (NAT 9599) with the Tax Office by 28 May 2014.
The SGC cannot be deducted from tax.
 30 Apr 2014 TFN report  Final date to lodge Quarter 3 (January - March 2014) TFN report for closely held trusts for TFNs quoted to a trustee by beneficiaries.
 30 Apr 2014  Lost members report
 Lost members report for the period 1 July 2013 to 31 December 2013.
  • As some dates may vary, please ensure you contact the ATO to double check any dates in question.
  • When the due date for lodgment or payment falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, it may be done on the next business day.